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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kingdom Day Parade '13

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the parade's 

founder Larry E. Grant, iNMAAKOi took part in the Annual 

Kingdom Day parade that celebrates the life and legacy of 

Dr. King's Dream, equality. We were fortunate to be a part 

of such a wonderful celebration that truly encompasses the 

will to keep Dr. Kings dream alive.

Below are some pictures from our experience.  It was a beautiful day in L.A. and we feel truly fortunate to be able to take part in such a powerful and moving event.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Kiing Louiie B is an extraordinary rapper with an individuality that fits his eccentric and out of the norm style. He hustles every day to make it in the rap world and has joined forces with iNMAAKOi to bring the world a world class brand supported by world class music. 

Check out his video below to learn more about the Kiing himself ... 

Want to hear some of his originality? Check out his "Green Light GO" video below: 

We have a lot in store for you, so stay tuned ...

Friday, May 13, 2011

iNMAAKOi's first photo shoot with the amazing Crystal Henning of Avery James Photography

We recently had the extreme pleasure of working on our first photo shoot with the amazingly talented Crystal Henning of Avery James Photography.  Her work is exquisite and she really captured the feel of the iNMAAKOi line during the shoot.  We also had the pleasure of working with four amazing models, Christopher Williams, Maggie Silva, Nycolle Harding and Jeremy Schonwald.  They looked amazing!

The shoot location was at the Redondo Beach Pier to give the photos a down to earth, relaxed feel.  The colors of the pier railings and some of the walls really helped accentuate the colors of the shirts. That whole atmosphere in general made for a really fun and great experience. 

While Crystal was working the photo shoot I snuck some "behind the scenes" shots as well.  It's always great to see what goes on behind the scenes.  It helps give more life to whatever the project is other than the final product.  Part of the iNMAAKOi edge is that we give you a little taste of what goes on behind the scenes as well as the finished product. 

Below is both the behind the scenes and the finished product from the photo shoot!! Enjoy!  :)

Check out Avery James Photography at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We want to know ...

We're putting together our "About Us" section of the website and rather than ramble on about things people really don't want to hear about, we want to focus on what really matters most to those that visit our site. This is a brand we're creating for all of you so what better way to prove that but to let you have a part in what goes into it!

Give us topics or ask us questions about typical things you would like to read about when going to a website.  What would you really want to know about iNMAAKOi and/or the clothing? Please be honest in your questions. 

Be creative and have fun!! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for being a part of iNMAAKOi!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Who's, What's and Why's of iNMAAKOi

How many companies out there promise that they want to inspire and motivate you one way or another but when you look at their designs or even their name you don't get the feeling that they are really trying to do what they say they are?  Well for us, it was nearly every company we researched. We understand there are thousands of clothing companies out there for you to choose from and we also understand that we might look a little silly for even attempting to throw ourselves into the overly saturated clothing market but if we didn't truly feel like we had a chance, believe us, we wouldn't be doing this!

What you really want to know:

iNMAAKOi (in-muh-koi) - That sounds funny at first but it's kind of cool once you learn what it really means ... iNMAAKOi is simply the acronym for "i NEED MONEY AND ALL KiNDS OF iT" ... It truly is as simple as that! lol

You're probably wondering where we came up with such an obscure name and why we even want to use it.  Well honestly, it was a cell phone that came up with the name, sort-of, hahaha. Lewis, co-owner of iNMAAKOi, found himself thinking about all of the trips he wanted to take, how he wanted to own his own house and the financial freedom he wanted in general and realized that he needed money to fulfill all of his aspirations in life. He decided to add the letters "i-n-m-a-a-k-o-i" into his phone as a contact as a reminder to himself to work his hardest to achieve his ultimate goals. He had the type of phone that "speaks" when you scroll through it so one day he was scrolling through his contacts and when he got to his "inmaakoi" contact the phone tried to say the "name" it said in-muh-koi, and thus iNMAAKOi was "born"!

So why would we want to use iNMAAKOi as a business name?  Quite frankly, it catches peoples attention! It not only catches people's attention but it is unique and it has nothing to do with either of the founders names! lol  We figured we had something worth marketing purely from every persons reaction that we have ever spoken the name to.  We wanted something that would have a lasting impression right from the beginning and we believe the name does that!! Naturally there is so much more we are putting into this business but we had to start somewhere.  :)

The "iNMAAKOi edge":

There is no true way to explain the iNMAAKOi "edge". It is more of the full experience of iNMAAKOi that will help you understand!  What we can explain is this: there are subtle but noticeable differences in the way we have laid out this brand, the things we're going to offer (not only the clothing) but most importantly the passion in everything we do!  Pay close attention, you won't want to miss anything!!   ;)

Let's us prove one thing to you ...

 This brand is for EVERYONE!  However the name is taken, whether people who don't have money, or even those that do, feel that they need more money, we want our brand to have a lasting impression when you wear it that gives you the urge to go out there and get it.  We can't, nor won't, tell you how to do it but can offer you a brand that has everyone in mind. The only way you'll know that we mean what we say is if you let us prove it to you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this ... There's much more to come ... This is just the beginning ...

Stay tuned ...

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's time ...

Here we go!!!  It's time to enter the blogging world!!

iNMAAKOi is gearing up to offer you a new outlook on life through the creativeness of our brand!  Although we haven't launched yet, keep your eyes and ears open because we're coming! 

We're sure you've heard it all before but you've never heard anything the way we're going to tell you ... Straight to the point and from the heart because when it comes down to it we're doing this all for you!!

So sit back, relax and get ready for a new adventure in branding!

To be continued ... 
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